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Husky Avatar (Fox, Wolf and Raccoon included)

Azora Husky
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Unity ready Husky Avatar, usable in VRChat and ChilloutVR! ^w^

Go check out the brand new avatar here ^w^

Here is the avatar world to try them out ^w^ World link

If you want to commission an edit for your avatar, my Telegram is @AzoraHusky, or if you prefer, my Discord is Azora Husky#0535. And once you have joined the Discord server, there will be be a commission role where people will know you take commissions.

You will need to import the latest version of the VRChat SDK3 or ChilloutVR CCK, as well as the latest version of the Dynamic Bones from the Unity Asset store into your project.


  • Full body tracking ready
  • Full voice visemes
  • 7 facial expressions (gesture overrides) + action menu
  • Dynamic nose, ears, tail, tongue and cheeks
  • 4K Textures
  • Oculus Quest compatible
  • All source files (Blender and Substance Painter)
  • Pre-packaged Unity packages
  • Includes Wolf, Fox and Raccoon variant
  • Avatar 3.0 Compatible
  • ChilloutVR Compatible
  • Includes female versions

Current version: 2.3


Once you have purchased the Husky Avatar you are allowed to do whatever you want with the model, except you are not allowed to:

  • Claim the work as your own.
  • Re-sell or share the model.

You are allowed to take commissions as long as both you and the commissioner have purchased the avatar.

I am NOT responsible for any administrative actions taken against you for misuse of the model, or if you break VRChat or ChilloutVR's TOS.

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You will recieve the Unity asset packages for both the PC and Quest versions, Substance Painter 2020 file for the default Husky texture, the original 3D model files (for blender 2.8), and access to the Azora Husky Discord server.


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Husky Avatar (Fox, Wolf and Raccoon included)

4 ratings
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